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Home Alarm Systems: Essential Life Safety for Your Family

by Courtney Rogers on March 29, 2014

Mother and son beside door 86496673Professionally installed home alarm systems can offer much more than burglar protection and environmental monitoring. If you are a parent or a caretaker of someone living in your home, you have probably often felt unsettled as you left the house, wondering what you would do if something were to happen to your children or to the one you care for. In fact, what would they do? Professional security systems not only aim to protect your home and family, but to educate you and those living in your home as to safe habits and what they can do in the event of an emergency. Once an emergency occurs, then what? Here are a few vital things that should be a part of every caregiver’s home alarm system.

Medical Alert Pendants

If you are the caretaker of a child or relative with special needs, physical limitations, or severe health issues, you know how frightening a moment of emergency can be, and how critical response time can be to their safety and recovery. Sometimes, it is impossible for them to ever be left alone, but at other times, they crave a feeling of independence. One of the ways that you can give that to them and still look out for their health and safety is through medical alert pendants or wristbands. These eliminate the need to have them constantly watched over, because it puts safety and peace of mind around their neck or wrist. In the event of a serious fall or injury, all it takes is the push of a button. Many home security companies offer these kinds of medical alert options that are connected to the same 24-hour monitoring system as your burglar alarms and smoke detectors. With proper education, you can help the one you care for to feel independent and capable, all the while knowing that help is only a button push away.

Emergency Intercoms

684720_52805410Emergency intercoms act much like medical alert pendants, except they are installed within your home. There are usually one or two per story of the home, and they can be used in the event of any emergency, whether medical, environmental, or criminal. When the emergency button is pushed, an agent from a 24-hour monitoring base automatically responds and asks if there is an emergency. If there is, the agent immediately notifies the proper authorities, and the response time is quick. This kind of system is easy to use for any age, and it eliminates the hassle of trying to find the phone or dialing with shaky hands. It has one location and one button.

Home Intercom Systems

On the same note, home intercom systems may be a great investment for any homeowner who is also a caregiver. These installments allow for quick communication between different areas of the house so that you can always be alert to what is needed. Some can even act like baby monitors and help you keep an eye on the ones you care for.

One thing is for sure – medical alert and life safety should be an important part of every caretaker’s home security system.