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What Makes Home Security Reviews So Important?

by Courtney Rogers on March 29, 2014

Woman in home office using computer talking on telephone 120909072Deciding that you want to install a home security system is a big step, but how can home security reviews help you choose which company to trust for your installations? Online, there is a lot of information to filter through, and you could spend months just reading through everything there is to know about different home security companies, what they have to offer, and which are best. What’s worse is that it’s so hard to tell these days which information is valid and which is just plain made up. Believe it or not, reviews are one of the best sources you have for determining which security products you choose or which company you want to install them.

Customers vs. Advertising

If you go looking at each security company’s official website or official advertisements, you’re going to have an incredibly difficult time making a decision. Advertising has gotten better and better over the years, and every company’s goal is to get you to choose them as your home security provider. That being the case, you’d better believe that their advertising is going to put all the focus on the good things about their company, and if it weren’t for reviews, you would never know anything negative even exists. Reviews exist to temper the rose-colored glasses of advertising so that you can hear about real-life experiences with each company that will give you all the good and all the bad.

There are a number of company comparison or review websites out there made specifically to help homeowners like you make wise and informed choices on the products and services they choose to purchase. In the case of home security, you can find reviews about things as general as the company itself, down to specifics about particular installers or salespeople in your area. These reviews can tell you who to ask for or not ask for when making an appointment, and they can give you great tips and pointers about questions to ask and things to double-check before, during, and after installation. Some reviews will be horror stories that will steer you away from one company, and others will detail great experiences that will push you toward another. An important note here is to make sure that you don’t give into false information.

Weeding Out False Information

Unfortunately, there are some companies that generate fake positive reviews in order to boost their sales, or negative reviews of rivals in order to lower theirs. Don’t give into these traps! Real reviews will not only seem sincere, but they will avoid excessive superlatives and will tend to be more detailed about the installers, specific instances during installation, and particulars of the product quality. They will also usually acknowledge both strengths and weaknesses, things that impressed them and things that worried them or annoyed them.

Real Experiences

Family of Four on Lawn with Beautiful Home in Background CopyOverall, when you’re researching different home security companies and the products, services, and installations they offer, spend a good chunk of that time researching different home security reviews. The majority of these are written by real people who have had real experiences, and they hope that sharing their experience will help other homeowners like you to find satisfaction in the final decisions you make. Knowing that those reviews are out there also keeps businesses in line in order to keep up customer satisfaction. So read through as many reviews as you can find, and read through both the good and the bad. Look for local reviews from people in your area who’ve had security system installations, and find out which salespeople or installers are the best to work with. When it comes to the security of your home, there can be no compromises, so let reviews help you have a great home security experience.